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Don’t ban social media from the workplace!

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  DeepView founder and CEO Kitty Parry was recently interviewed by Nominet - one of the world's largest domain name registries – about how she’s become a cyber security expert in the niche area of social media compliance and data loss prevention. Below we share this interview to provide some insight into the people behind DeepView [...]

WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter: a compliance nightmare or powerhouses of business opportunity?

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Bank outages lead to welcome increased regulatory scrutiny on operational resilience. Yet, business communications continue to migrate to digital channels and firms struggle to balance regulatory requirements with demand from customers and employees to use their preferred social media channels. What is the real solution? In the shadow of Musk injecting his share price with a [...]

Why DeepView?

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When I founded Social Media Compliance around 5 years ago, I was inspired and driven by the need to provide a solution for regulated firms to use social media proactively and reduce the risks associated with it. We all know that social media - whether it’s using company channels for marketing and comms or employees communicating [...]

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