The only solution that allows the deselection of personal chats

Encrypted channel recording

DeepView’s innovative platform records and archives conversations across encrypted social media channels on personal (BYOD) and corporate devices. Patent-pending technology enables your employees to use popular communication channels such as WhatsApp, WeChat and LinkedIn compliantly.

Our monitoring platform helps you to meet ever-changing global compliance and regulatory standards, without affecting your team’s ability to communicate freely across social media platforms that are vital to their productivity. This is the only platform able to record, archive and create alerts for data-sensitive messages containing photos, videos and text (including emojis).

In order to meet GDPR standards, personal chats can be excluded from recording. The DeepView monitoring platform is slick, simple and easy to use. Simplicity is at the heart of our solution.

  • Records/archives all conversations on personal and professional devices to global compliance regulatory standards (such as MiFID II, SEC, FCA, FINRA, OCC)

  • Simple, easy onboarding that takes 90 seconds using a QR code, with no app download required

  • Ability for employees to either ‘Select’ client chats or to ‘Deselect’ personal chats on their personal devices (we provide onboarding resources to help users understand compliance implications and their responsibilities). All chats can be recorded if company policies and employment contracts allow for this.

  • On professional devices: devices pre-loaded with recording across all channels within WhatsApp

  • Real-time alerting to photos, videos and text (including emojis) containing sensitive data, allowing for almost immediate mitigation

  • Easily scalable across global organizations

  • Customized encryption options for confidentiality of recorded conversations

  • Ability to record only internal individuals’ chats if required (i.e. not the client on other side)

  • Voice messages are recorded and archived

  • Ability to define severity settings for keywords and photo tags of your choosing

  • Pricing typically runs at a per head subscription basis.

Other capabilities within this license:

DeepView SaaS license also includes WeChat, LinkedIn monitoring and other recording technologies of public and encrypted digital communications for both personal and professional devices.