The only solution that allows you to read photos and videos for data leaks

Photo & Video analysis

DeepView provides a real time alert system for data breaches via photos, videos and text posted on employees’ social media feeds. The world’s first patent-pending machine learning algorithm built to detect security risks when employees use their personal social media channels for work or play.

If your organization operates in a high risk regulatory environment, you need to know that employees are not inadvertently or deliberately sharing sensitive information or data. DeepView does this in real time so you can take remedial action fast.

A DeepView license includes quarterly board reports (written to regulatory standards); dashboard log-ins; as well as on site consultancy during the implementation phase to identify relevant and unique ‘key words’ and ‘key image identifiers’.

DeepView’s patent-pending technology is backed by an experienced innovative team, who understand the challenges regulated firms have with BYOD and social media. We’ve developed a platform that spots threats and potential breaches across all forms of user-gen content, and is simple and easy to use for the end user. Simplicity is at the heart of our solution.

  • Patent-pending technology scans photos, videos and text from employees’ social media posts that may contain confidential data from within your organization

  • The technology works by scanning posts geo-located to offices within your organization, monitoring user-gen content that other solutions ignore

  • Provides you with real time alerts to posts on the public internet that may pose a risk to brand reputation or regulatory compliance

  • Reveals unintended public photos posted of terminals and monitors within the trading environment, which could potentially lead to data leaks

  •  Able to read text and video from a compliance, security and reputation perspective as a backstop to your current solution

  • Predefined risk levels for ‘key words’ and ‘key image/video tags’ e.g. Bloomberg terminal is ‘high risk’. Clients are able to personalize their tags for greater efficiency

  • Escalation matrix built in, so ‘key words’ and ‘tags’ in images can be sent to your chosen stakeholders on a timely basis

  • DeepView is able to support you with ‘take down’ of posts where required

  • Human analyst to filter findings and personalize reporting structure to your needs

  • Future development roadmap incorporates ability to capture fake accounts, which is becoming an ever-increasing threat to large organizations

  • Pricing typically runs at a per head subscription basis.