DeepView allows your teams to use all networks for work safely. WhatsApp, WeChat, LinkedIn and others, all in one platform

  • Fast and secure onboarding process
  • Data archiving and monitoring in real-time
  • All licences built to meet global regulatory standards including FINMA, FINRA, SEC & FCA
  • Splits work and personal conversations enabling easy chats to client while maintaining privacy
  • Real-time alerts to data leaks in photo, video and text

The Problem

Social media apps and channels are not built to be compliant or secure.
  • Current digital risk monitoring solutions cannot read photos and videos
  • Archiving and monitoring solutions do not meet privacy and GDPR standards, especially on BYOD
  • Reputations and security are risked daily with enthusiastic employees posting Instagram photos and videos on LinkedIn

Our Solution

The first platform to automate the entire end-to-end monitoring lifecycle with an enterprise-wide regulatory intelligence, including GDPR.
  • Real-time alerts for fast response to data leaks via video, text and photo and organizations awareness of public data leaks
  • Evidence to regulators of ‘best-practice’ in data monitoring and archiving
  • Under 120 seconds onboarding time, tailored to specific organizations and key risk personal

Reporting, Archiving and Better Digital Safety

Did You Know

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